what happened to your burning desire?

What’s a burning desire? It is the motivation that makes you work, suffer, dance, cry, shout, stand up for what you want and believe that you can achieve your dreams. It’s when someone engages in an activity so much that it becomes what always thinks about,talks about and dreams about. There’s quotation of Martin Luther, “If you have not discovered anything to die for then you are not fit enough to live.” This world needs more people with burning desires. People whose lives would be judged by their actions. Surprisingly, whether you knew it or not, from very young days of your childhood you had experienced these burning desires. When we kids, we wanted to be superheroes, pilots, engineers, poets, writers, princesses, policemen, painters, we wanted to change the world, stand up and be counted, to get attention, climb trees, cross the road, buy candy and eat a lot of ice creams. You know that if children would not get what they want such as the chocolates, ice creams. They would cry! but why ?  because they would do anything to get what they want. I’m not saying to give the children what they want because as we all know that would make them stubborn. Unless if they deserve it of course! What I’m really pointing out is the fact that we ‘had’ those burning desires & asking you where did they go?

All you need is a burning desire.

Let me tell you where I think they got lost and remember things lost can be found. As we grew up, life taught us many things. Bad people got into our lives, disappointments, we got hurt, we fell down, we lost and then we followed the trend that goes by the principle, “we should not think too big, reach too high or love too much.” Some would call it life lessons because of that they stop chasing what they want. But I would take it as an opportunity to prove them wrong and make it a reason to fight for you want. You are meant to shine. You have a purpose, you just need to find it again. Like I said before, things lost can be found. Believe me once you find it, it will become the core of your existence. Thus, you will create your destiny. It get you up at the crack of dawn with fire in belly! Fire burning so bright, a burning desire you can call it.  A desire that will consume you! A desire that you will work hard for! A desire so beautiful and so meaningful. You will change the world and I firmly believe in that! You may want to help the people around. Help your colleagues reach their potential. Help the community. Bring innovative thinking in to the environment around you. All you need is get inside your mind and heart and find that beautiful, meaningful, lost burning desire!

I read about a man who is a lawyer, a leadership expert, motivational speaker, author, social worker. He wants people around the world to reach their potential. That is the whole population. He works day in and day out to try to make this a reality. Extremely crazy? Yes, but an extreme burning desire ? Definitely!

Is he special than you are? No,he just found his cause, his burning desire!


I am me

This is me.
This is how I’ll be.
I lay on my bed and sip my tea.
Thinking about life, freedom and my liberty.
Surrounding me the words of freedom as far as my eyes can see.
In the newspapers, radio and T.V
Everyone is in a rush and has the urge for emotion.
So wide, so diverse, so unpredictable to explain even for Tennessee.
This is me.
This is how I’ll be.
I may eat like a monkey.
I may act like a donkey.
I may think like a turkey.
and yes, seems like a comedy.
But this is me.
This is how I’ll be
So, don’t judge me.
Cause your validation is not important to me.
Same goes to you lady.
I don’t care about the colour of your saree
or design of your goatee.
Or where you were born as a baby.
Let’s put our differences and other things that I didn’t mention because I’m too lazy.
By doing so, lets live in harmony.
you need to be you.
I need to be me.
This is what we all must be.
or else we may lose our individuality. 

© Nazmi Mahamood, All rights reserved.


Book Review: “Things not seen” by Andrew Clements

It’s been a long time since I ever read any fictional book. I’m glad that I came across the book “Things not seen.” I borrowed the book from the ‘American Center Library’. Reading the first few pages it seemed boring. I don’t know why that sense if mind came into me. I guess maybe that’s because of my lack of reading regularly. So, I don’t think its the fault of the book but myself. I got sick for a few days. When I was couldn’t do any thing but lay on my bed. But it was too good of a day to not do anything. So, I started reading this book at about 8 o’clock. I kept on reading and reading and reading. Every time a page I turned, my interest for the book increased. By the time I got to the 5th chapter I was totally hooked up in the story. I read and read; by the time I finished the book it was past 1 in the morning. In other words I was reading for more than 5 hours continuously. I don’t usually spend this much time on a book but that just shows how interesting the book is.

The story of a young boy who becomes invisible. He lives in an invisible life it was a bit hard but not as hard is he expected because he came to realized that even when he was not invisible he actually an invisible boy to society. No one cares on what happens to random people. Today, its worse. You don’t care for people who we know. That is just people are winded up. This book really points it out and shows how one boy relates it out that many of us today are experiencing. We need resist this type of nature of judging people by looks, gender and other things people insult each other with. We should develop a sense of rich sense of ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. Let me start by giving my appreciation to Andrew Clements for writing such a magnificent book. A situation that relates all humans in the modern world because of that I say that it is a successful piece of literature.

Sri Lanka through the eyes of a local teenager

Most of you would be asking where is  Sri Lanka? Well, let me first give you a brief description about a beautiful land that missed many the eyes of the world’s population.

Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon in the yesteryear. Sri Lanka is situated in the Indian Ocean. Just south of India. A small note, we are not INDIANS we are simply Sri Lankans! We are famous for Cricket and the civil war that we faced for 3 decades until 2009 when the terrorist group LTTE was  destroyed and Sri Lanka was turned back into a peaceful society seeking for reconciliation. Sri Lanka has been developing rapidly to cover up the loss of development of 30 years. Still the scars of the war shall remain. The people of the south, west, east and north are joining their hands to work for their motherland’s development.

Although Sri Lanka is a small country of 65,610 kmits culture is very versatile. Culture varies from one area to another. Which is one of the main factors that attract tourists from different parts of the country.

Now back to the topic…….

Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka. It is the commercial capital in Sri Lanka. If you visit Colombo suddenly you are no longer in a Developing third world country. The shops, the streets, the people, their attitude it’s just very western. Sometimes it saddens me that the Sri Lankan-ness is loosing itself in the vastly developing area of Colombo. About the people, high heels, flashy clothing trying to look posh. Trying impress people. Hair styles that doesn’t even match them. Even made up voices.  Details seem familiar? Yes, an ordinary western society.
Now, you head to another part of Sri Lanka. You will see everything is quite different to what other places are compared to what Colombo is. You might even wonder if you are in the same country. Head south to Galle. You see people wearing sarongs. (the old traditional ones.) Baggy blouses and long skirts. The way they speak their accents are totally different. The shops and streets are not big and professional like the ones back in Colombo but they do have what you want for cheap prices. Over there you don’t see people trying to impress each other because they simply don’t care about what you are wearing or where you got it from.

That’s just Sri Lanka. Just a simple distance of a few kilometers transforms everything. You can spot these transformations so easily as you can find your School Head master heading your way from a mile away. Although how far you choose to look, how close you choose to experience the local culture you will never find out why Sri Lanka is a place where,  if you were born you would definitely be proud about and frustrated the same time. Why? Well, thats something no ones ever found about it. Maybe, it’s just because of that we are so multi-cultured and exotic as a country. That there could various answers to it.