Press – Volunteering: Are we doing it right?

I just read an article that just spoke the true reality of whats happening with the volunteers in Sri Lanka. I couldn’t agree more to what this guy had written in his article. I pressed in hope that you’d like it as well. Just click hyperlink below to view his article.

Volunteering: Are we doing it right?.


Tension situation arises in Aluthgama

Chaotic scenes unfolded in Aluthgama last evening with riot police using tear gas in efforts to disperse a violent mob, after ethno-religious tensions flared in the town leading to several assaults, arrests and damage to property.
Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana told Daily FT that three persons had been arrested after the driver of a car carrying a Buddhist monk was allegedly assaulted, which subsequently led to an assault on the monk. The incident was sparked by a traffic accident, police sources said.

Angry mobs surrounded the police station and attacked several Muslim-owned shops in the area with stones and other objects, prompting police to use tear gas on the crowd. Buddhist monks were among the protesters, claiming that the police had failed to act against the Muslim youth being accused of attacking the monk and his driver.





Today as I walked on the road every step I took, I took them with fear. I knew that uprising of chaos is no where near my area but still I feared for the worse. Even during the chaotic 3 decades of civil that plagued the country’s peace I had never felt such a fear while walking in the road. The conflict between the Muslims and the Buddhists began from an Buddhist extremists group called the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS). But I will never accept the fact the BBS represent the majority of Buddhist nor the true Buddhist of Sri Lanka. I have best friends who are Buddhist and all they say to me is, “Sorry, its because of us.” I don’t accept that because there is no bad religion but bad people.  “He who insults other religions is a one who insults his own religion.” -Lord Buddha.

Yet, with all these uneasiness I still believe in Sri Lanka. All for one and one for all. I pray and hope this ends immediately if not eventually! 

The Lost Leader

The Muslim community during 1920’s was subjected to a period of ignorance and degradation. A community that was lost in  finding its place in society. There was no educationists to impress upon the value of  education, no politicians to guide them, no leaders of integrity and honesty to show what the community’s position and role in life in Sri Lanka. 

It was during this critical period in the history of the Muslim community that the community was fortunate in having a person of great caliber and outstanding ability in Tuan Burhanudeen Jayah. He gave up a lucrative legal career for the sake of the community and took up the principal-ship of Zahira College in the year 1921. A school that started with just 6 teachers and 59 students rapidly increased to 30 and 450 respectively. His impact as a leader of great personality was soon shown in the Institution as it started to throb with life and passion for success. During his period Muslims from all over the country was trying to seek admission into the school. Zahira soon not only became a household name in the house of common Muslims in Sri Lanka but also for some in the regions of the Maldives, Middle East and South Africa where students eyed in seeking admission into Zahira. He then by touching right places of the hearts of the great philanthropists namely, Al-Haj N.D.H Abdul Gafoor and Al-Haj P.B. Umbichy   for us today to witness two the magnificent buildings Gaffor Hall and the Umbichy Block. 

Mr. T.B.Jayah was not only interested in Muslim education but also was determined to see that Muslims received an adequate share in the administration of the country. Thus he plunged into politics and became a member of the legislative council and later the state council. He was  a member of the committee that decided on free education. If Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara is the father of free education. Dr. T.B.Jayah can be considered as the architect who shaped and nurtured it to its true state today. The gratitude of a thousand poor parents will go to him for this act. The yesteryear’s and today’s great personalities in various professions are sprinkled with the names of Muslims, it is solely due to the great and far sighted efforts of Dr. T.B.Jayah.


In the latter stages of his life he spent his time creating cordial relationships between other Muslim countries and Sri Lanka. It was fitting to see that his mortal was buried in the holy land of the sacred soil where the Prophet’s tomb stands. He had been given a state funeral in Medina and the Saudi Arabian flag and the Sri Lankan flag flew with pride as a great personality ceased. A special janaza was prayer was offered in the offered in the Prophet’s mosque and the kabatullah in which a million pilgrims participated. May his soul rest in peace and tranquility.

Sri Lanka through the eyes of a local teenager

Most of you would be asking where is  Sri Lanka? Well, let me first give you a brief description about a beautiful land that missed many the eyes of the world’s population.

Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon in the yesteryear. Sri Lanka is situated in the Indian Ocean. Just south of India. A small note, we are not INDIANS we are simply Sri Lankans! We are famous for Cricket and the civil war that we faced for 3 decades until 2009 when the terrorist group LTTE was  destroyed and Sri Lanka was turned back into a peaceful society seeking for reconciliation. Sri Lanka has been developing rapidly to cover up the loss of development of 30 years. Still the scars of the war shall remain. The people of the south, west, east and north are joining their hands to work for their motherland’s development.

Although Sri Lanka is a small country of 65,610 kmits culture is very versatile. Culture varies from one area to another. Which is one of the main factors that attract tourists from different parts of the country.

Now back to the topic…….

Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka. It is the commercial capital in Sri Lanka. If you visit Colombo suddenly you are no longer in a Developing third world country. The shops, the streets, the people, their attitude it’s just very western. Sometimes it saddens me that the Sri Lankan-ness is loosing itself in the vastly developing area of Colombo. About the people, high heels, flashy clothing trying to look posh. Trying impress people. Hair styles that doesn’t even match them. Even made up voices.  Details seem familiar? Yes, an ordinary western society.
Now, you head to another part of Sri Lanka. You will see everything is quite different to what other places are compared to what Colombo is. You might even wonder if you are in the same country. Head south to Galle. You see people wearing sarongs. (the old traditional ones.) Baggy blouses and long skirts. The way they speak their accents are totally different. The shops and streets are not big and professional like the ones back in Colombo but they do have what you want for cheap prices. Over there you don’t see people trying to impress each other because they simply don’t care about what you are wearing or where you got it from.

That’s just Sri Lanka. Just a simple distance of a few kilometers transforms everything. You can spot these transformations so easily as you can find your School Head master heading your way from a mile away. Although how far you choose to look, how close you choose to experience the local culture you will never find out why Sri Lanka is a place where,  if you were born you would definitely be proud about and frustrated the same time. Why? Well, thats something no ones ever found about it. Maybe, it’s just because of that we are so multi-cultured and exotic as a country. That there could various answers to it.

First Blog Post

So, here I am typing my first blog post!

My Name is Nazmi or just call me Nazz. Some of you may know me by the name PeaceBoy and some of you may not me at all.
So Hello! 😀 This is my new blog and the first blog. So, I’ll be posting blogs and things that happen in my life. I’m from Sri Lanka a beautiful tear drop island located just south of India, in the Indian Ocean.


Why have i started this blog??

I don’t really know! 😮 In today’s society many people write blogs and I thought to myself. Me having an interest to write my thoughts and idea; why not start a blog ? ^_^
I don’t really think that I would be doing it daily…or even weekly…I’m not even sure if I could do more than this single post ! (maybe this blog would be a totally disaster! Doesn’t hurt to try )
If so? 

Yeah if this doesn’t become a disaster as I assumed it will be. I would be able to say that somewhere in the future “Oh! I remember when that happen!!” I’m still 16 and I don’t even remember clearly what I had for dinner last night.So, this will be like a blog kind of where I give you an idea of who I am, what i do, what I like and what I don’t like. Mostly what its like to live in South Asia, Sri Lanka..!!