Tension situation arises in Aluthgama

Chaotic scenes unfolded in Aluthgama last evening with riot police using tear gas in efforts to disperse a violent mob, after ethno-religious tensions flared in the town leading to several assaults, arrests and damage to property.
Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana told Daily FT that three persons had been arrested after the driver of a car carrying a Buddhist monk was allegedly assaulted, which subsequently led to an assault on the monk. The incident was sparked by a traffic accident, police sources said.

Angry mobs surrounded the police station and attacked several Muslim-owned shops in the area with stones and other objects, prompting police to use tear gas on the crowd. Buddhist monks were among the protesters, claiming that the police had failed to act against the Muslim youth being accused of attacking the monk and his driver.





Today as I walked on the road every step I took, I took them with fear. I knew that uprising of chaos is no where near my area but still I feared for the worse. Even during the chaotic 3 decades of civil that plagued the country’s peace I had never felt such a fear while walking in the road. The conflict between the Muslims and the Buddhists began from an Buddhist extremists group called the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS). But I will never accept the fact the BBS represent the majority of Buddhist nor the true Buddhist of Sri Lanka. I have best friends who are Buddhist and all they say to me is, “Sorry, its because of us.” I don’t accept that because there is no bad religion but bad people.  “He who insults other religions is a one who insults his own religion.” -Lord Buddha.

Yet, with all these uneasiness I still believe in Sri Lanka. All for one and one for all. I pray and hope this ends immediately if not eventually! 


I am me

This is me.
This is how I’ll be.
I lay on my bed and sip my tea.
Thinking about life, freedom and my liberty.
Surrounding me the words of freedom as far as my eyes can see.
In the newspapers, radio and T.V
Everyone is in a rush and has the urge for emotion.
So wide, so diverse, so unpredictable to explain even for Tennessee.
This is me.
This is how I’ll be.
I may eat like a monkey.
I may act like a donkey.
I may think like a turkey.
and yes, seems like a comedy.
But this is me.
This is how I’ll be
So, don’t judge me.
Cause your validation is not important to me.
Same goes to you lady.
I don’t care about the colour of your saree
or design of your goatee.
Or where you were born as a baby.
Let’s put our differences and other things that I didn’t mention because I’m too lazy.
By doing so, lets live in harmony.
you need to be you.
I need to be me.
This is what we all must be.
or else we may lose our individuality. 

© Nazmi Mahamood, All rights reserved.