I am me

This is me.
This is how I’ll be.
I lay on my bed and sip my tea.
Thinking about life, freedom and my liberty.
Surrounding me the words of freedom as far as my eyes can see.
In the newspapers, radio and T.V
Everyone is in a rush and has the urge for emotion.
So wide, so diverse, so unpredictable to explain even for Tennessee.
This is me.
This is how I’ll be.
I may eat like a monkey.
I may act like a donkey.
I may think like a turkey.
and yes, seems like a comedy.
But this is me.
This is how I’ll be
So, don’t judge me.
Cause your validation is not important to me.
Same goes to you lady.
I don’t care about the colour of your saree
or design of your goatee.
Or where you were born as a baby.
Let’s put our differences and other things that I didn’t mention because I’m too lazy.
By doing so, lets live in harmony.
you need to be you.
I need to be me.
This is what we all must be.
or else we may lose our individuality. 

© Nazmi Mahamood, All rights reserved.



First Blog Post

So, here I am typing my first blog post!

My Name is Nazmi or just call me Nazz. Some of you may know me by the name PeaceBoy and some of you may not me at all.
So Hello! 😀 This is my new blog and the first blog. So, I’ll be posting blogs and things that happen in my life. I’m from Sri Lanka a beautiful tear drop island located just south of India, in the Indian Ocean.


Why have i started this blog??

I don’t really know! 😮 In today’s society many people write blogs and I thought to myself. Me having an interest to write my thoughts and idea; why not start a blog ? ^_^
I don’t really think that I would be doing it daily…or even weekly…I’m not even sure if I could do more than this single post ! (maybe this blog would be a totally disaster! Doesn’t hurt to try )
If so? 

Yeah if this doesn’t become a disaster as I assumed it will be. I would be able to say that somewhere in the future “Oh! I remember when that happen!!” I’m still 16 and I don’t even remember clearly what I had for dinner last night.So, this will be like a blog kind of where I give you an idea of who I am, what i do, what I like and what I don’t like. Mostly what its like to live in South Asia, Sri Lanka..!!