Tension situation arises in Aluthgama

Chaotic scenes unfolded in Aluthgama last evening with riot police using tear gas in efforts to disperse a violent mob, after ethno-religious tensions flared in the town leading to several assaults, arrests and damage to property.
Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana told Daily FT that three persons had been arrested after the driver of a car carrying a Buddhist monk was allegedly assaulted, which subsequently led to an assault on the monk. The incident was sparked by a traffic accident, police sources said.

Angry mobs surrounded the police station and attacked several Muslim-owned shops in the area with stones and other objects, prompting police to use tear gas on the crowd. Buddhist monks were among the protesters, claiming that the police had failed to act against the Muslim youth being accused of attacking the monk and his driver.





Today as I walked on the road every step I took, I took them with fear. I knew that uprising of chaos is no where near my area but still I feared for the worse. Even during the chaotic 3 decades of civil that plagued the country’s peace I had never felt such a fear while walking in the road. The conflict between the Muslims and the Buddhists began from an Buddhist extremists group called the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS). But I will never accept the fact the BBS represent the majority of Buddhist nor the true Buddhist of Sri Lanka. I have best friends who are Buddhist and all they say to me is, “Sorry, its because of us.” I don’t accept that because there is no bad religion but bad people.  “He who insults other religions is a one who insults his own religion.” -Lord Buddha.

Yet, with all these uneasiness I still believe in Sri Lanka. All for one and one for all. I pray and hope this ends immediately if not eventually! 



Sometimes in life we feel so depressed,
but unlike you, someone somewhere is not so blessed.
Somewhere in Burma a Muslim weeps,
while the rest of the world sleeps.
Somewhere in the west, Muslims are labelled as terrorists,
after the turn over events of the 9/11 twist.
Somewhere in a country a Muslim struggles to follow the Islamic lifestyle,
while its government gleefully smile.
Somewhere a Muslim brother dies in the midst of war
while he has nothing to do with all the deaths galore.


Some where a poor dad cries,
when he cant help his family to a bowl of rice.
Somewhere, a Muslim mother painfully sighs,
for his child the last time it closed its eyes.
Some where, a man ponders if Muslims are to be blamed on themselves.
After all, these are their countries and their affairs dispersed on the shelves.
Somewhere the hypocrisy and double standard of the super power countries
towards the Muslims is indeed shocking to see.
Somewhere someone in the world believes people are trying to destroy Islamic values and the Muslim *Ummah,
which is against any human law.
Somewhere, someone is praying “Oh lord! Save this Ummah! and save this people”
from this killing needle.
Somewhere in this world some one must see that Muslims in this world are not totally free
which every suffering soul shall sadly agree.

*Ummah – Community