You are destined for greatness!

Are you destined for something great? My view is that everyone is destined for greatness. People just don’t believe in themselves. I have seen and met people who are so awesome that one day they would become great personalities. Sometimes I even question them do you think that you will become who you want to become? Some say, Yes, I will with the brightest smile on their face full of determination that they would come through with their life dream. Some say, I don’t know but if I did it would be great but this world has its things maybe I won’t but hey I won’t give up. Some say, I’m not sure I might not make it. These answers depend on how confident they are, how determined they are and how optimistic they are.

The people I met had different goals like, to be the richest man in the world, to be a Psychologist , to be the CEO of Apple or start his own company and beat Apple , to own of group International Hotels, to be the editor of the Reader’s Digest or start his own International Magazine…. the list goes so on. Do you think these people are those who have already left school, college and universities. Well, I got news for you  they are just teenagers of ages 16 or 17. They are my friends who I school together at Zahira College, Colombo. These are not the small stupid goals that we make. These are serious life goals that would one day define the very existence of our life. You see, you really don’t need an age to start dreaming but starting early and mapping our goals early is what I believe is the key to success in life. Even the most timid mind can have widest imagination of things he wants to do and contribute to the amazing thing called life. All they need is some encouragement or even a good friend would do. I’m very glad that I joined Zahira College. I’m glad for list of people in my life who I call my friends and to be honest 90% of my friends are my school friends. We  have helped each other find our own destiny and to create a path worth living.   

I too have my own dream. I believe that I would definitely achieve my goal. I might have make sacrifices but untimely sacrifices and unwanted sacrifices is all I pray that don’t cross my way. You too, should think big. Think out of box. Be original. I wish you all the best with your goals. You and I are just ordinary people in this ordinary world striving to be someone extra ordinary.


What’s missing ?

Today I woke up in the morning and logged in to my Facebook account. I saw a group people who I knew. There were photos of them in an album. In it, they were full of  joy and happiness. Full of self belief. They were a bunch of very very close friends having fun together. Their joy unintentionally brought a smile to my face and also very different thoughts to my mind. They were like the most happiest people on earth. They love each other, respect each other, care for each other always says “I’ve got your back man!” Suddenly, I looked to my self why haven’t I felt it ? Is it because I have felt it but I have not realized it ? I don’t really know. I have friends. Very good awesome friends. But still although we are as close as the people who I knew I felt something is really missing. Something says we should hang more. We should do stupid things more. WHAT IS MISSING ????  I know we are close friends but i feel still something is missing. Why do  I feel like that? I even came to the extent of thinking are we really close friends.
I had to sit back and think a lot. Sometimes I feel no ones out going. I think my friends are really scared to have fun. Well, as the saying if you want to change for the good you must be the change. Well, lets see how it goes.

If anyone out there knows what I’m talking about. Please feel free to comment. Although probably know one will ever come by. Anyway just in case 🙂

Golden bond called friendship

I joined my school during the year 2002. I don’t remember much but I do remember the older children welcoming us waving colorful flags. As I joined school I met a lot of friends. Some were good ones some were bad ones but that a long time ago. All people are not the same they too have their good and bad experiences. Yet we were not separated by caste, creed nothing! We were friends for a life time. There were conflicts between us but that’s said and gone and forgiven and forgotten. All sixty students of our batch were together. We proud to be in this batch. Why? We loved each others presence. Even though some were rude, some were shy, some were expressive we all understood that friends don’t come with a perfect lining. We accepted who they are and hoped to strive for the best.

While dwelling among those 11 years more than a billion things took place. There were a lot of hard times for every one of us but, we sticked together through twists and turns. Like a knitted pair of mittens, staying together keeping warm through the cold and harsh weather. And so, our friendship grew and grew unlike other things that grow there aren’t any fertilizer added to this growth only so many weeds but as soon one sprouted out we made sure that its quickly removed. At first we were just mere students who we knew not about each other but today as we bonded through the years we can say that our life today is because of our bond of 11 years. Anybody can be our friend, your neighbor, parents, brother, sister and even your school principal. When you go out to the society you won’t last long in matter of fact you really can’t and that’s why you need friends. Trust you need them as much as they need you.

I have personally experienced that there are some moments where you are afraid of doing things, especially the outside in the society.  When I am with my friends; they can bring the best out me. My friends, they have proved me wrong. They have shown me that I could fight the whole world with my single hand for they inculcated the belief that they will be holding my other hand if anything happens to me. Everyone has a best friend in their particular period of time but only a few precious friends have the same one throughout their life. If you do; you should be fortunate deep down in your heart for that person knows you inside out, from kid to teen, teen to adult and so on.
One thing I hate is talking behind a friend because when it comes to friends, it’s just not worth it participating in loose gossip, it only separates your friends even more. You know your friends better than anyone. Stop for a while and think how much the depth of friendship shared between you and your pal is.


“True friends are those, who inspire you to become the best you can ever be. They have full confidence in you. They would not leave you until your goal is accomplished.” This quotation I can happily say is true for I have experienced this first hand. I don’t want anything silly to break us apart. I don’t know how much the bond between you and your friends are but make the bond that is there now is strengthened so much that when you’re old and feeble you would have so much to cheer and talk about your friendship.  Do not ever think that you do not need a friend because every soul wants to feel support as an individual and neither should you think that someone else doesn’t need a friend like you.