Every time he spoke about the future
she always said,
“Yes, if I live that long”
or something along those lines.

He looked at how life was back then.
Late night calls, that went till the sun came up.
Even if there was nothing to talk about,
the least they would do is make up an argument just to talk about something.

It was a fun relationship.
They were always there for each other.
Surprising each other every time
and making each other cry happy tears.

They almost became each other’s soulmates.
They called each other first to share
both their good and bad news.
Even just to tell them that they cleaned the room.

They both graduated and started working.
Life slowly and gradually got busy.
The calls reduced, surprises became awkward
and time didn’t allow for good morning texts.

They both were a white light to world.
Life and reality was their prism,
As the white light entered the prism
Their roads diverged only to leave a beautiful rainbow of memories.

They traveled the rainbow.
Today they reached the end of the rainbow.
The Rain and Sun disappeared.
Only the gloomy clouds covered the sky.

Their lights crossed one more time.
He saw her,
only tears ran down his face
She was resting in peace.