loving-your-jobLife is a funny and a complicated thing to succeed in one hit but we all know that in reality you only get one shot, if you miss you might have to wait ever so long maybe a life time. My Shakespeare Drama director’s favorite quote, “All the world is a stage and most of us are desperately under-rehearsed.”  – Seán O’Casey.  True the world is all but a stage, an opportunity to live your life. When Sean O Casey mentioned under rehearsed I hope he meant that most of us don’t take the opportunity the world is giving for us to live. The life we live is what we are going to leave behind on this earth. I hope we all leave something inspiring and not just something rehearsed from the books, fairy tales or  the worst out of them, movies.

We can all let the cat out of the bag and admit that we were once forced by parents, peer groups or mediocracy to pursue things that we don’t like, just to fit in to society and not look like a weirdo. At this particular juncture we forget the fact of why we actually pursue things. Is it, to please our selves and the people who love us or to sacrifice our selves and the people who love us to please society which a majority of people are of whom don’t give a crap about us? Yet, we tend to fall in to mediocracy and force ourselves to love what we do rather than pursue what we love.

To what love what you do, you must find something you love to do.