The clock ticks away, television channels switched off to give it a rest from all the continuous drama shows and the only sounds you hear are the wind swaying the tree to and fro, random howling of dogs and the crickets. This is a time where the thoughts gush in and out of your mind, so fast that you can’t keep track. Some are of which that happened at home, school, work in the spirit of positives, negatives and neutral. Every little thing that happen from morning till night. You think to your self, if only I could have changed something from what I did early in the morning everything would have been perfect. Maybe if had said this or that, I would have won the argument but yes, where argument is not a matter maybe I could have made a better justification of what I said or made a little more sense than of the idiot I am already.

It’s silly reason to keep repeating the cliché phrase that we all are not perfect which might have been repeated a zillion times but yet we tend to think of these little things (‘aww if that and aww if this). These late night thoughts is what I think makes a human perfect. I don’t know yet why people think this and I am no psychologist but I believe thinking of such things is what actually makes humans perfect and its also a beautiful thing.