Book Review: “Things not seen” by Andrew Clements

It’s been a long time since I ever read any fictional book. I’m glad that I came across the book “Things not seen.” I borrowed the book from the ‘American Center Library’. Reading the first few pages it seemed boring. I don’t know why that sense if mind came into me. I guess maybe that’s because of my lack of reading regularly. So, I don’t think its the fault of the book but myself. I got sick for a few days. When I was couldn’t do any thing but lay on my bed. But it was too good of a day to not do anything. So, I started reading this book at about 8 o’clock. I kept on reading and reading and reading. Every time a page I turned, my interest for the book increased. By the time I got to the 5th chapter I was totally hooked up in the story. I read and read; by the time I finished the book it was past 1 in the morning. In other words I was reading for more than 5 hours continuously. I don’t usually spend this much time on a book but that just shows how interesting the book is.

The story of a young boy who becomes invisible. He lives in an invisible life it was a bit hard but not as hard is he expected because he came to realized that even when he was not invisible he actually an invisible boy to society. No one cares on what happens to random people. Today, its worse. You don’t care for people who we know. That is just people are winded up. This book really points it out and shows how one boy relates it out that many of us today are experiencing. We need resist this type of nature of judging people by looks, gender and other things people insult each other with. We should develop a sense of rich sense of ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. Let me start by giving my appreciation to Andrew Clements for writing such a magnificent book. A situation that relates all humans in the modern world because of that I say that it is a successful piece of literature.


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