Few years ago I met a teacher. She was a very inspiring person. She joined my school only a few years ago. Yet, she has been one of the many people who is at the center of development of my school. She targets English language and social service. I can tell you working with her is an inspiration to my life as a student. I learnt a lot! That is not the fact but the thing is she is a person who creates many opportunities for others to mold themselves in to better people. So, that they would be worthy people to the society. My question is, what does she gain by giving opportunities to others? Its not just mere tiny opportunities but big ones that gives the person who takes it, a vast exposure to life in the making. Today I realized what she gains.

I was elected as the 2013 President of Unique Zahirianz, an International Club of Zahira College. Promotes international leadership among the students. I was invited to a public program which is about Volunteerism and its importance. A bright idea struck me. What if I ask the members of the club to take part in it. It’s very good program to attend. Especially at the beginning of the year. So I made sure all of them would attend it. They all agreed to come. I felt I did a great job in letting the members expose themselves to opportunities that would help them later in life.


It’s a feeling that come from within your heart. A special kind of happiness. But what is the purpose of finding happiness? If they do actually succeed in their lives. You know that you did something even if its a small thing you did help that person succeeded in life. Which means his you are jigsaw piece to someone’s success. That’s the best achievement far from possible in today’s world. He might not remember you but god knows. God shall smile on your deed and reward with his highest blessing. To appreciate the success of someone else is something but hey if you can’t appreciate the his journey and hard work, then you won’t appreciate your successes either.