Crescent Lights 2012 – Above and beyond

Did you recently come across flags of Green, White and Maroon attached to vehicles? Wonder why and what? A vehicle Parade was organized and this reflect the lead up towards the ZAHIRA WALK 2012  (1st of December 2012) which will be followed by the CRESCENT LIGHTS CARNIVAL 2012 organized by Zahira College, Colombo. The young and old Zahirians were really making the right noises on the lead up to the Walk. Quite rightly so and indeed this has been one of the most discussed topics in social gatherings around Colombo. As I read, over 5K tickets have already been sold out. That’s right over 5000 tickets sold out. I bet you that there would one hell of crowd to witness the major event.

Zahira Walk

You know you can’t miss the Walk, with more than 6000+ Zahirians expected to be         ready to get on the streets to walk  with Green, White, Maroon colours all the way.   This walk would consist of a variety of exotic features such Horses, Elephants, stilt  walkers, Whip crackers, Vintage Cars, A Helicopter and many more exciting things.  This is what is going to make this walk unique and eye-catching. Make sure you if you  are a Zahirian don’t miss it. Cause if you do you won’t be able see this much  excitement and uniqueness from a walk that has ever been held in our country.  This                                          would probably turn out to be the best walk so far.It has the feeling and atmosphere that its going to be Big, very BIG. Colombo  do watch out and feel free to witness the streets that are to be filled with a river of green uniqueness.

As the walk end back at the school premises is the beginning of the Crescent Lights 2012 at the college grounds. Tickets are priced at Rs.100/=. Zahira welcomes you all to Crescent Lights 2012. It is going to be filled with DJ’, Cultural Segments, fire works, a stall with 120 years of history of the college and of course an expectation of that you would take part in Crescent Lights 2012. Its going to be a day of fun-filled and excitement which also extends to the next day which would start at 4 pm.In order to make the most of this intense experience Crescent Lights would go on till late night. I’ll be there….hoping to see you there too!!


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