Sri Lanka through the eyes of a local teenager

Most of you would be asking where is  Sri Lanka? Well, let me first give you a brief description about a beautiful land that missed many the eyes of the world’s population.

Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon in the yesteryear. Sri Lanka is situated in the Indian Ocean. Just south of India. A small note, we are not INDIANS we are simply Sri Lankans! We are famous for Cricket and the civil war that we faced for 3 decades until 2009 when the terrorist group LTTE was  destroyed and Sri Lanka was turned back into a peaceful society seeking for reconciliation. Sri Lanka has been developing rapidly to cover up the loss of development of 30 years. Still the scars of the war shall remain. The people of the south, west, east and north are joining their hands to work for their motherland’s development.

Although Sri Lanka is a small country of 65,610 kmits culture is very versatile. Culture varies from one area to another. Which is one of the main factors that attract tourists from different parts of the country.

Now back to the topic…….

Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka. It is the commercial capital in Sri Lanka. If you visit Colombo suddenly you are no longer in a Developing third world country. The shops, the streets, the people, their attitude it’s just very western. Sometimes it saddens me that the Sri Lankan-ness is loosing itself in the vastly developing area of Colombo. About the people, high heels, flashy clothing trying to look posh. Trying impress people. Hair styles that doesn’t even match them. Even made up voices.  Details seem familiar? Yes, an ordinary western society.
Now, you head to another part of Sri Lanka. You will see everything is quite different to what other places are compared to what Colombo is. You might even wonder if you are in the same country. Head south to Galle. You see people wearing sarongs. (the old traditional ones.) Baggy blouses and long skirts. The way they speak their accents are totally different. The shops and streets are not big and professional like the ones back in Colombo but they do have what you want for cheap prices. Over there you don’t see people trying to impress each other because they simply don’t care about what you are wearing or where you got it from.

That’s just Sri Lanka. Just a simple distance of a few kilometers transforms everything. You can spot these transformations so easily as you can find your School Head master heading your way from a mile away. Although how far you choose to look, how close you choose to experience the local culture you will never find out why Sri Lanka is a place where,  if you were born you would definitely be proud about and frustrated the same time. Why? Well, thats something no ones ever found about it. Maybe, it’s just because of that we are so multi-cultured and exotic as a country. That there could various answers to it.


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